Interview of the Head, madam Néné Ouatarra, accomplished by Séverine Vermersch.

Genese d'une adoption
Genese d une adoption
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The feature-length film accomplished by Séverine Vermesch ' origin of an adoption ' is here
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The Nursery at Bamako

Founded on June 5th 1990 by the Malian authorities, the Bamako Nursery has undertaken the following missions, according to the order by which it was established: the care, maintenance and education until the age of 3 years, of abandoned children, children of unknown parents, orphans without support, and children of mothers with mental illnesses.
The Director, Mrs. Néné Ouatarra, has been running this establishment for 22 years.

The Nursery is a well maintained and recognized institution that provides children not only with the security and care they deserve, but also with the warmth and kindness which allows them to overcome the handicap of being abandoned.


The street children of Mopti

Mindful of the problems facing young people in African cities, Via Sahel Children of Africa, in association with the Childhood Foundation, established by the President of the Republic of Mali and put under the responsibility of his wife, Madame Touré Lobbo Traoré, helps children from 7-17 years living in the city of Mopti of all the ethnic groups from the north of the country.
These children are on their own, homeless and without a future.





the children of the street in Bamako

interview of Jean - Marie Nosal founder of the association Via Sahel Children of Africa,


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In spring on 2009 the association Via Sahel children of Africa intervened immediately facing a scarceness of milk and could gather 1200 € in month to cover the needs of 2 months of feeding of the children before the resumption of supply.

The Children's home is a well held and acknowledged institution, which gives to the children, not only security and the care to which they have the right, but also a warm-hearted attention which allows them to overcome the disability of their abandonment.

The responsibility for this task is undertaken and supported by The Association Via Sahel Children of Africa



Since early 2005, the Foundation for Children offers them accommodation for the night. Breakfast and lunch are provided daily by Via Sahel Children of Africa. This represents an annual average of 26,000 meals distributed.
The action of Via Sahel Children of Africa allows them to find sufficient work and remuneration to encourage them to rejoin their families in their home villages, and for some to continue their education or to start vocational training.
The association has also created a vegetable garden and set up a poultry barn run by the children. These activities lead them to regain their place in Malian society and promote their independence and maturity.


The responsibility of this activity is assured by : the association Via Sahel Children d' AfriquePrésidente : Winnie NOSAL
Domaine of Sautou 82160 CASTANET
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